LibX Internet Explorer Version Features and Issues


December 3, 2008

We now have version 1.0 of the LibX extension for IE out. We've addressed the all users install issue, and added a first run dialog to allow users to enable or disable the toolbar component as needed. As always, please rebuild your edition to see these changes.

September 22, 2008

We just released a new build of the LibX toolbar for IE. JavaScript errors that some have noted will no longer result in a dialog box. Also, autolinking is now working in IE.

July 28, 2008

LibX IE builds have been enabled once again. IE now supports remote updates for cues so a rebuild is not required if a cue doesn't show on a particular page. We've also addressed a few outstanding issues such the refresh issue. We're currently getting autolink to work with IE and hope to have a build with this feature soon.

June 15, 2008

LibX IE is currently disabled --- to rush fixes for the Firefox 3.0 update, we needed to release JavaScript code that doesn't work with LibX IE. In the process of integrating the code base for the two platforms, we ended with IE-incompatible code. We expect this issue to be fixed soon.

May 2, 2008

For those of you who were having trouble installing the Internet Explorer version of the LibX toolbar due to network issues, we've added a new option to the edition builder. You can find it under the My Editions tab under the Build Revision #x button. (Re)building your edition with this option selected will create an installation file with all necessary dll files included.

April 25, 2008

We released a new beta version of LibX for IE. This version now shows cues on almost every page that the Firefox version does. Also, a problem with the update function has been fixed. We've also integrated jQuery into LibX, so cues actually fade in over time.

We've also deployed Bugzilla for keeping track of issues with LibX. You may try it out here. Keep in mind that we're still working with the system, so if you have any questions, please send an email to the mailing list.

In order to make these changes available to users of your edition, please rebuild your edition using the edition builder

February 7, 2008

We released a new beta version of LibX for IE. This version will now retrieve icon sources from your local machine. Also, as a general update to LibX, this version now allows for different icons for the edition, cues, and COinS. To see these changes and make them available to users of your edition, please rebuild your edition using the edition builder


LibX for Internet Explorer is available to end users for testing. By default, the installer is built along with the Firefox version when one creates their edition using the edition builder interface. To get a copy, choose one of the existing editions in the edition builder and click on the Internet Explorer link near the bottom of the page. If you create your own edition, you can download the installer by clicking the appropriate the appropriate link on the revision test page.


Currently, LibX for Internet Explorer supports many of the same features as the Firefox version including title, keyword, and author searches either through the toolbar itself, or by highlighting the text in the page and using the right-click context menu. It also supports use of your library's OpenURL resolver (which allows for linking to library resources directly from a given webpage). It also supports creating OpenURL links from COinS (Context Object in Span). Google scholar support is also provided, either through highlighting text on the page and using the context menu, or "dragging" the text to the scholar icon on the toolbar itself.

Features not quite implemented

As of April 25th, LibX for Internet Explorer supports cues for almost as many websites as the Firefox version does (the exceptions are and Neither autolinking ISBNs nor ISSNs are working at this time.

.jpg files do not work as edition icon (they will not show up.) Until we fix that, work around it by converting the icon to .gif or .ico. For multi-resolution .ico files, there may be problems in choosing the correct resolution (i. e., sometimes the larger version is displayed when the smaller one ought to be).


As a reminder, the Internet Explorer version of the LibX toolbar is still under development and is considered "beta" software. If you have problems, please provide the following information:
Note: You can file a bug report in Bugzilla containing the information requested below