Link Barnes and Noble by ISBN LibApp


Similarly to the Link Amazon by ISBN LibApp, there is a Link Barnes and Noble by ISBN LibApp that searches for the item’s ISBN and displays a cue to the Barnes and Noble item’s page that will link the user to a search for that item based on its ISBN.  Figure 1 shows the Virginia Tech badge displayed to the right of the item’s image.  When the user clicks on this cue, the user is led to a search page for that item where the search was conducted based on the item’s ISBN, as shown in Figure 2.  However, the cue will appear regardless of whether your library owns this item or not – for most editions, LibX is unable to check the catalog before display the item.  In the images displayed, the Virginia Tech Edition was used, and its primary catalog is Summon.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Technical Advice

The site uses a different page layout for print book pages and NOOK book pages. This is why the LibApp is not working for the printed edition’s page. The Find Position of Title in Barnes and Noble module successfully scrapes the page for the layout of NOOK book pages, but has not yet been modified to also scrape the layout used for print books. We are working to update this.

We believe that this LibApp works on the following pages when using the VT edition:


The UX Book

Beat Poets

This LibApp does not seem to be working on these pages:

Graph Theory

Darwin: Edition 3