Show Book Availability on Barnes and Noble


Similarly to the LibApp to the Show Item Availability on Amazon LibApp, the Book Vendors package also contains a Show Book Availability on Barnes and Noble LipApp that searches the page for the item’s ISBN, searches for the item on Summon, and display’s its availability on the page, as shown in Figure 1.  From Figure 1, we can see that Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach is available on the second floor of the Newman Library for in-library use.

Figure 1: this Barnes and Noble page shows the library’s inventory for the Computer Architecture NOOK Book and shows a cue that will link the user to its search page on Summon

Technical Advice

It is important to note that Summon must be the edition’s primary search catalog in order for this LibApp to work.

The site uses a different page layout for print book pages and NOOK book pages.   This is why the LibApp is not working for the printed edition’s page.  The Find Position of Title in Barnes and Noble module successfully scrapes the page for the layout of NOOK book pages, but has not yet been modified to also scrape the layout used for print books. We are working to update this.

We believe the LibApp works on these pages when using the VT edition:
It is not working on these pages: