Show Item Availability on Amazon LibApp


If your edition is able to search the library’s catalog (for instance, because it uses Summon), then LibX will directly display whether the book or item is available for you to check-out or access electronically, as shown below where it says 1 copy in special collections.

An example is shown Figure 1, the Show Item Availability on Amazon LibApp finds the item’s ISBN, searches the library’s search catalog for the book’s availability, and notifies the Amazon user that there is one copy of The UX Book in the Special Collections section of the Virginia Tech library.

Figure 1: this Amazon page shows the library’s inventory for The UX Book and shows a cue that will link the user to its search page on Summon

Technical Advice

It is important to note that in order for this LibApp to work, Summon must be the edition’s primary search catalog.

It should also be noted that there are pages that the Show Item Availability feature is not currently working for. The feature is not working for the Kindle Edition pages because of their differing page layouts.  The current Find Position of Title in Amazon module scrapes the page with a different page layout in mind which is why it does not work on pages such at the Kindle Edition pages.  We are working on modifying the module so that there is a “fallback” option for when the page does not follow the expected layout.

This LibApp is believed to work on these pages when using edition vt
It is not working on