Get Full-Text on ACM Digital Library


The Full-Text Linker Package includes a Get Full-Text on ACM Digital Library LibApp that retrieves research papers through the edition’s library’s subscription of ACM Digital Libary, when the user is logged on off-campus.  The LibApp adds a full-text URL both on the’s abstract-only webpage and in the results webpage.

In order to benefit from this LibApp, your library must have a subscription to ACM Digital Library.

Figure 1a shows that that Get Full-Text on ACM Digital Library LibApp displays a Get Full Text link to this search results page on ACM Digital Library.  After clicking on that link, the user may be lead to an Off-Campus Sign In page if the user has not signed in yet.  After the user is signed in, the user is led to the full-text article as shown in Figure 1b.

Figure 1a shows the Get Full Text links on the results page

Figure 1b shows the full article that the user is led to by the Full Text Linker