Process COinS LibApp


The LibX Core Package comes with a Process COinS LibApp that finds COinsS on the page and adds a cue on that page pointing to that COinS resource.  Figure 1a shows that the LibApp displays a cue next to a resource when the COinS are given.  When the user clicks on the cue, the user is led to a catalog’s search result page (in this example, the search catalog is Summon) for that particular resource, as shown in Figure 1b.


Click here for a demo on how to use the Process COinS LibApp!

Figure 1a shows how the Process COinS LibApp displays cues next to references for each COinS element on the page

Figure 1b shows the results page that the cue is linked to

Technical Advice
This LibApp is often found displayed in Wikipedia pages, but it works on any page that uses COinS.

Works on:

  • Linguistic Relativity
  • most Wikipedia pages
  • most pages that contain COinS, we have not yet encountered a page that  contains COinS but does not work for this LibApp