Public LibX Editions

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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
Lackawanna County Library System Edition1.5.62010-04-09
Lafayette College Edition1.5.12011-02-25
Lakehead University Library Edition1.5.112010-08-12
Lansing Community College Edition1.5.42010-05-27
Laurentian University Edition1.5.62009-06-30
Law School Library Edition1.5.12010-10-04
LCLS Polaris Edition1.5.232011-07-05
LDS Business College1.5.42011-11-14
Le Moyne College Edition1.5.71969-12-31
Leeds Trinity Edition1.5.22010-11-09
Leiden University LibX Edition1.5.82012-11-20
Leonard Library SF State Edition1.5.82011-11-15
Lesley University Libraries Edition1.2.1
Lewis & Clark College Edition1.5.61969-12-31
Lib Edition1.5.1
Library Catalog1.5.12011-02-23
Library Catalog Edition1.5.12008-08-20
Library catalogues lookup for Russian and Slavic studies in Copenhagen1.5.491969-12-31
library Edition1.5.52009-06-30
Library IT Tallaght Edition1.5.141969-12-31
Library LibX Edition1.5.32011-11-11
Library of Congress Edition1.5.12010-02-07
Library of Philadelphia Edition1.5.242009-07-07
Library of Turkey Edition1.5.11969-12-31
LibX 1.5 Edition1.5.1
LibX 2.0 UIC Library - Updated for FF101.5.11969-12-31
LibX 2.0 UIC Library - Updated for FF221.5.1
LibX 2.0 for Liberty University Library Users1.5.181969-12-31
LibX canevas atelier Logiciels libres en bibliothèque1.5.31969-12-31
LibX canevas cours Collections collaboratives1.5.21969-12-31
LibX corrigé atelier Logiciels libres en bibliothèque1.5.41969-12-31
LibX corrigé cours Collections collaboratives1.5.111969-12-31
libx Edition1.5.12009-01-08
LibX for University of South Florida1.5.41969-12-31
LibX National University Edition1.5.21969-12-31
LibX para la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Navarra1.5.261969-12-31
Libx PL1.5.131969-12-31
LibX PUCPR MAYAGUEZ1.5.161969-12-31
LibX RG1.5.121969-12-31
LibX search toolbar for California State University San Marcos1.5.42011-11-11
LibX Tool for UNC SILS INLS 8901.5.22009-08-20
LibX Toolbar for the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library1.5.62009-09-03
LibX UT Health Science Ctr San Antonio1.5.131969-12-31
Limoges Edition1.5.121969-12-31
LINCC Edition1.5.21969-12-31
Lincoln City Libraries Edition1.5.181969-12-31
Link?ping University Library Edition1.5.32008-11-07
Lister Hill Library Edition1.5.91969-12-31
LoL UCLille Edition1.5.151969-12-31
Loma Linda University Edition1.5.82011-11-11

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