Public LibX Editions

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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
LoL UCLille Edition1.5.151969-12-31
Loma Linda University Edition1.5.82011-11-11
London Metropolitan University Library LibX Edition1.5.172009-07-01
Longwood University Edition1.5.42010-02-26
Los Angeles County Public Library Edition1.5.52011-06-15
Louisiana State Edition1.5.271969-12-31
Louisiana Tech Edition1.5.152011-11-09
Loyola Marymount University edition1.5.152011-11-11
Loyola New Orleans Edition 1.5.32008-07-14
LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Library Edition1.5.121969-12-31
LSU Law Center Library Edition1.5.91969-12-31
LSU Shreveport Edition1.5.51969-12-31
Luther College Edition1.5.51969-12-31
Lycee Cournot Edition1.5.1
Macalester College Edition1.5.1
MacEwan University Edition (2016)1.5.31969-12-31
MacEwan University Edition (test)1.5.1
Macquarie University Edition1.5.1
Maine Library Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Manhattanville College Edition1.5.92011-11-18
Markesan Public Library Edition1.5.102011-11-11
Marmot Library Network Edition1.5.72011-12-02
Marshall University Libraries Edition1.5.1
Martin County Library System Edition41.5.42009-09-09
Mary Baldwin Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Maryville University Edition1.5.202011-11-14
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Edition1.5.141969-12-31
Massey University Library Edition1.5.12009-11-19
Maxwell Library Edition1.5.121969-12-31
MBLWHOI Library LibX Edition1.5.52009-06-30
McCartney Library Edition1.5.72012-01-10
McGill Edition1.5.201969-12-31
McKillop Library Salve Regina University LibX Edition1.5.32012-03-20
MCL Edition1.5.12008-09-26
McMaster University Library Edition1.5.42012-03-26
MCPL LibX Toolbar1.5.92011-11-11
Meadowview MS LMC Edition1.5.1
Mediatheque de Cannes1.5.42011-04-19
Mediatheque de Roubaix Edition1.5.51969-12-31
Medicina Universidad Catolica del Norte1.5.41969-12-31
Meliksah University Edition1.5.21969-12-31
Menasha Public Library Edition1.5.122011-11-11
Metropolitan College of New York Edition1.5.181969-12-31
MGH-Treadwell Library edition1.5.122011-11-28
Miami University Edition1.5.12008-07-25
Michigan State University Edition V.2 1.5.31969-12-31
Mid-Hudson Library System1.5.12008-08-14

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