Public LibX Editions

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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
IU East-Campus Library Edition1.5.131969-12-31
IUE-Nursing Research Resources1.5.41969-12-31
Ivy Tech Community College Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Ivy Tech Community College Edition1.5.82011-07-26
Izmir Institute of Technology1.5.201969-12-31
IZSVe Edition1.5.1
Jackson District Library Edition1.12007-05-30
Jacksonville Public Library LibX Edition1.2.62008-06-16
Jean Hay Edition1.5.1
Jefferson Community College Edition1.5.52010-06-04

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Note: most of the links above point to pages that were created by the libraries that have adapted LibX for their use. If you are considering offering an edition to your users, take a look at them. You're welcome to copy Virginia Tech's design--should you like the other pages better, contact their creator(s) and ask for their permission to copy. If you do not wish to create your own page, the Edition Builder will offer your live edition through a page like this one.