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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
CUNY Library Users (Central Office)1.5.52009-04-03
CUNY NYCCT Library Users1.5.72009-12-05
CUNY New York City College of Technology Library Edition1.5.131969-12-31
Curtin University Library1.5.72008-06-15
Cuyahoga County Puplic Library Edition1.2.82007-08-03
Cuyahoga Falls 20111.5.52011-11-15
Cuyahoga Falls Library Edition1.1.12007-05-23
d'Eure-et-Loir Edition1.5.1
Dalhousie University Libraries LibX1.5.12010-03-17
Dalhousie University Libraries LibX with catalogs and databases1.5.81969-12-31
Dalhousie University Libraries Search1.5.22009-06-17
Dallas County Community College District Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Dalton McCaughey Library Edition1.5.22010-04-15
Danish Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library1.5.311969-12-31
Dartmouth Library Edition1.5.441969-12-31
De Anza College Edition1.1
De Montfort University Library 2016 Edition1.5.1
Deakin University Edition1.5.31969-12-31
DeKalb County Public Library Edition1.5.12008-12-10
Delaware Library Catalog Edition1.5.112010-08-13
Demo for Custom Catalog Edition1.2.22007-10-19
des Bourgognes / Chantilly Edition1.5.11969-12-31
DGB UNAM Edition1.5.12009-07-03
di Tor Vergata - Sistema Bibliotecario Edition1.5.12008-11-13
Dickinson College Edition1.5.122011-11-11
Dickinson College Edition, LibX
Diego State University OneSearch Edition1.5.31969-12-31
DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Fairfield University Edition1.5.91969-12-31
Dominican University Crown Library Toolbar Edition1.5.51969-12-31
DPL Catalog Edition1.5.42010-05-17
Dracenie (Koha) Edition1.5.191969-12-31
Drexel Edition1.5.141969-12-31
Drury University Edition1.5.181969-12-31
DSB Chinese Koha Edition1.5.42011-08-04
DSpace Edition1.1
DSpace Edition1.2.12007-12-27
Dundalk Institute of Technology Edition1.5.1
E-sidoc CDI du LP Jean Rostand Offranville 765501.5.11969-12-31
E-Sidoc Collège Camus Yvetot1.5.11969-12-31
e-Sidoc CRDP de Paris1.5.21969-12-31
E-Sidoc Lycée Descartes1.5.11969-12-31
e-sidoc lycee Gustave Ferrie1.5.11969-12-31
Ealing Hammersmith & West London College Edition1.5.1
Earlham College Edition1.5.112014-07-25
Easicat Edition1.5.12008-06-30
East Baton Rouge Parish Library Edition1.5.102011-11-14
East Carolina University Edition1.5.81969-12-31
East Lyme PL Edition1.5.142011-11-12
Eastern Kentucky University Libraries Edition1.5.141969-12-31

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