Public LibX Editions

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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
Rupen's Beta Testing Edition1.5.41969-12-31
Rupen's LibX Core Edition1.5.31969-12-31
Russian and Slavic/Slavonic studies1.5.162011-11-11
Rutgers University Libraries Edition1.5.741969-12-31
Ryerson University Library1.5.82011-08-16
Sacramento City College Library1.5.331969-12-31
Sacramento Public Library1.5.12011-05-16
Sacramento State Development Edition1.5.521969-12-31
SAILS Network Edition1.5.72011-11-21
Saint Joseph's University Edition1.5.171969-12-31
Saint Mary's College of California Edition1.5.12009-04-07
Saint Michael's College Library Edition1.5.72011-11-11
Saint Xavier University Edition1.2.12007-11-03
Sakarya University Library1.5.31969-12-31
Salt Lake City Public Library Edition1.5.102009-06-30
SAMK Finna1.5.61969-12-31
Samuel Merritt University Edition1.5.62010-03-05
Samuel Merritt University Nursing edition1.5.21969-12-31
San Diego State Edition1.5.221969-12-31
San Francisco Maritime NHP Keys Catalog Edition1.5.21969-12-31
San Jose Libraries1.5.112011-11-16
Santa Clara University1.5.72009-06-30
SC LENDS Edition1.5.22009-08-06
SCD Universite Strasbourg1.5.21969-12-31
SCDBU Savoie Mont Blanc1.5.261969-12-31
School District of La Crosse Edition1.5.22009-04-13
Search Penrose Library at Whitman College1.5.22010-11-15
Search the Texts database at the Internet Archive1.5.12010-04-18
Searsport District Middle/High School Edition1.5.31969-12-31
Seattle Public Library Edition1.5.22009-07-02
Sedona Public Library Edition1.5.51969-12-31
Semans Library1.5.62010-03-01
Seneca Libraries1.5.131969-12-31
Service Information Scientifique du Mi2S1.5.91969-12-31
Seton Hall Law School Edition1.5.62010-05-25
SFI Bibliotek Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd (The Danish National Centre for Social Research)1.5.141969-12-31
SFM Documentation Center Edition1.5.111969-12-31
Shanghai Jiaotong Univ Edition1.5.1
GateNet Libraries Edition1.5.62011-08-25
Shenandoah University Edition1.5.42009-06-30
sidoc Collège G. Pompidou Murat Edition1.5.1
Simmons College LibX Edition1.5.81969-12-31
Simon Fraser Edition1.5.42011-11-16
Singapore Management University Edition1.5.101969-12-31
Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo1.5.431969-12-31
Sistema de Lectura Pública de Cantabria - SLPC BiblioCan BCC1.5.281969-12-31
SIT Study Abroad Edition/ SIT Graduate Institute1.5.261969-12-31
SITKA-wide Search Edition1.5.12008-10-03
Skidmore Edition1.5.62009-01-07
SMEBS-Top b2b portal india | small business | b2b market place 1.5.1
Smolny Library1.5.22010-08-25
SMU Library Test1.5.101969-12-31
Social Sciences Research Edition1.5.1
SOLO: Search Oxford Libraries Online Edition1.5.112010-03-10
Somerset County Library NJ Edition1.5.132011-04-26
Sonoma Library Edition1.5.62011-11-11
Sony Edition1.5.1
South & East Metropolitan Health Services1.5.251969-12-31
South Shore Public Libraries LibX Toolbar Edition1.5.52009-09-03