LibX Upcoming Features

There are a variety of new features in the current 1.1 version.
  • We included autolinking functionality for ISBNs and other identifiers, based on Jesse Ruderman's autolink GM script. If a page includes identifiers such as ISBNs, these are now automatically hyperlinked to the catalog (or to xISBN if so configured.)

  • More catalogs are supported: CentralSearch, and SFX's and SerSol's A-Z List

  • We have added new cues, such as on We fixed some existing cues, such as to accommodate the New York Times's new layout.

  • We have added support for searching multiple catalogs. For each catalog, you can specify what search options should be displayed (Keyword, Title, Subject, etc.)

  • III's WAM support has now been tested and found to work. If a user selects a page that is not in the WAM database, a customized error message is shown.

Users have requested the following features/fixes which are being considered

Investigate support for SirsiDynix RPA remote access method.

Add hotkey to reach the toolbar.

Suppress ISBN-based links/cues for catalogs that don't index by ISBN (UN Headquarters).

Allow for custom HTML in cues

Provide a quick way to disable all localization (like GM button)

Add support for PMID/DOI in SFX menu search.

Add "suggest-this-book" feature. [Link]

The features below have already been integrated into LibX Version 1.0.1. and above.