Available revisions for LibX edition

If you are a user seeing this page after coming from the Editions list, then this means that the maintainer of this edition has made the edition public, but has not made it live. Contact him or her and ask for the edition to be made live. To find the maintainer, visit the edition builder system.

Before the switch to the new edition builder system, this URL was used to lead to an edition's test page. It is now only here for backwards compatibility.

Transition note for maintainers: If your edition was a "live edition", revision #1 will be the live edition and revision #2 will be your current test edition. If not, your current test edition is revision #1. To maintain your edition, sign up for an account, then select the edition in the "All Editions" tab, then "Request Ownership".

Reports bugs or any problems and suggestions to libx.editions@gmail.com