MAJAX - Millennium AJAX

MAJAX is a Javascript library that provides direct access to a III Millennium catalog from all pages within an organization's domain. MAJAX can retrieve MARC and up-to-the-minute circulation information and present it in a variety of formats. MAJAX works in all common browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and the Safari browser. MAJAX is not a plugin that must be installed by a user - there is no relationship to the popular LibX Firefox Extension. MAJAX also does not require any server software that is not already part of a standard Millennium system. MAJAX does not require a separate web server or PhP installation. MAJAX is easy to use, requiring only basic HTML skills and no JavaScript programming.

For a quick install, simply copy majax.html and majax.js to the /screens directory of your III installation.

Other III libraries can use this technology, which has been released by Virginia Tech under the LGPL.

Slides from the IUG 2008 talk. These slides are an updated version of the 2007 talk, containing information about all updates and additions made since.

Slides from the IUG 2007 talk. These slides contain brief instructions on how to use MAJAX. They also have a number of screen shots showing it in action.

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Other meanings of MAJAX include Gérard Majax and Major Accident plans in UK hospitals.